Sofia, Bulgaria


Creative Studio Virus


Office Space

Virus is an idea driven growing company developing its products – advertising, product design, web and media marketing. More than 100 professionals are part of the agency. Some of its clients are b Media Group, L’OREAL, Mondelez International, Lenovo, Schneider Electric.

Virus office situated in Sofia’s center as part of an old house was designed by Svetlomir. The office was organized as workspace for newly gathered creative team.

The designer mission is to create a space that would truly reflect Virus team and clients and the company’s attention to values such as functionality, quality and longevity.

The design concept is build around the Pictogram Idea as closer presentation of team’s communication and spirit. Pictograms as an unambiguous way to communicate information correspond to ease in team relationships, to communication without misunderstandings.

Colors play an important narrative role in the office space. Furniture placed in the reception area match the old style color palette of the building. Team places colors are more vivid reflecting a modern office surrounding which is in line with company’s spirit.

Large windows ensure that all rooms keep a light atmosphere even though painted in more subtle colors.

Concrete –wooden floor and brick walls are elegant mix of home feeling and urban style: Home feeling when the team relaxes from daily brainstorming and urban style when it is in creative process.