GOLD LINE Building was designed as a boutique business building where the focus was on the use of advanced technologies to achieve high energy efficiency. The task of building an interior design of the lobby and staircase of the building as a continuation of the architectural solution of black and gold in the facade originally seemed easy to be achieved, still, in the process of designing the space, the designer looked through several motifs before reaching the final concept.

The idea of focusing the interior design on the energy efficiency of the building turned out to be the key.

The team chose to tell the story about the three main sources of natural energy, recreating them in logos:
– The Sun
– Water
– Wind
Then the logos were weaved into the interior either directly, or as a part of a specific pattern.




Sofia, Bulgaria


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Commercial and Public Interior Design

Going ever deeper into the building of the concept, it seemed quite natural that the stone was selected as the basic material. In order to escape from the classic black and gold solutions, the designer chose to work with the warm colors of the onyx in its beige tint, acquiring a soft amber color when illuminated. The beauty of the natural veins and the unique transparency effect of the stone were central, the onyx being intertwined with the story of the water, the sun, and the wind.

Рецепция бизнес сграда GOLD LINE
Фоайе бизнес сграда GOLD LINE

The purposefully sought after effect of the earthly look of the reception was achieved by creating the illusion of a marble stone emerging from the ground and melting the wall while surrounded by light. The same element was used as the accent to highlight the wall with the elevators.

Рецепция бизнес сграда GOLD LINE
Бюро рецепция

Another important component, softening the impact of the stone, was lighting. It was divided into two streams: warm, main light and cold, emphasizing the beauty of the individual elements.

The coziness of the interior aimed at influencing the occupants by creating the desire to return here again and again.
And it seems as though this story ended here only to imply that this was in fact its beginning. The true game, provoking infinite thoughts and sensations, began when you stepped through the door on to the stairwell.

Here everyone could interpret the story of the artist, following the unique motif on one wall and reassured by the monochrome of the other wall. A world that looked dark from above and light from below. Throughout the stairwell, the uninterrupted line of light on the stairs and the fine golden edge over the glass rail lead the way up.

The pattern, designed by moving from densely alternating shapes to single elements, was gently transferred from the onyx to the reception wall thus growing into an “on-the-move” story from the first to the last floors.

Вход към стълбище GOLD LINE
Мотив стълбище
Стълбище бизнес сграда Gold Line
Мотив стълбище GOLD LINE
Стълбище бизнес сграда Gold Line

Who were the occupants? What were the history and the creed of the building? The answers could be found by reading the totems located at the entrance on each floor.

“The Best way to PREDICT the FUTURE is to DESIGN IT.” Buckminster Fuller