Location:Sofia, Bulgaria
Client:Circles Bulgaria
Typology:Office space – work hall
Designer:Svetlomir Kolev

Circles is a global leader in intelligent security software solutions.

For their office in Bulgaria, Circles has set the task of building a multimedia futuristic environment with a meeting room and a presentation area.

The designer searched for interesting ideas and after discussing them with the management, the core the concept being the idea of ​​the circle – the symbol of infinity and the logo of the company – emerged. The task for the designer was to skillfully integrade the symbol into individual elements of the interior so as to bind them. Quite naturally, the “Voronoy diagram” was written as the conceptual basis and the starting point for the design.

The interpretation of the “diagram” is set on the walls of the corridor, leading to the hall and overflowing as an accent at one end of the work table.

Details as part of the Interior Design
Product Design Idea
Корпоративните цветове при дизайна

The designer repeated the shape once more by placing the colorful chairs “Tonon Up”.

Детайлите в интериора

The conceptual core is also present in the specially designed table and chairs in the presentation area. When you look at the composition from above you can see they describe the “diagram”.

Позициониране на лого в интериора

Due to the low height of the hall, the designer sought ease in the construction of the work tables and designed them as gravitationally released planes. One of the tables is carried by inconspicuous glass legs and the other – by a gracefully shaped leg starting from a small circle at the base and then flowing into a wide ellipse at the upper end.

Интериорен дизайн на офис пространства
Interior design work spaces

The finishing touch of the sterile looks of the space that the designer strives to achieve are the white matte surfaces with clean shapes and beautiful joints.

The end result of the project is an impressive space conveying a unique feeling and insight into the detail.

Details in interior